We held our annual stockholder’s meeting on Tuesday, October 12th, at the Heritage Inn in Great Falls. It was well-attended and covered the co-op’s past, present, and future.

Mountain View’s Board President, Dan Schuler, gave an amazing presentation highlighting the changes that the co-op has been through in the past 100+ years.
Our CEO gave a great presentation about our record year, and honored a few people who have helped make the Co-op great.
Del Styren was honored for his 30+ years of dedicated service to the co-op. Thanks, Del!
Mountain View Co-op’s Board of Directors attended, of course. Trent Townsend, Mark Lacher, Todd Dahl, Brock Arthun, Tyler Starman and Del Styren sat at this table.
Mountain View’s Division Managers and Art spoke about the successes and challenges each of their divisions has faced.
A few of the attendees.
The annual meeting is always a good time to catch up with friends. Here Charlie and Greg chat about the latest news.
The meeting is also a great chance to ask questions and get info from Mountain View staff. Here Jake and Mitch take a look at one of the co-op’s new apps. The app gives producers the power to sell wheat 24 hours a day!



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