The Superbowl. The World Series. The NBA Finals.

There’s a moment when everything you’ve worked for is on the line. For farmers, that moment is harvest. Check out these short clips showing some of the amazing work that keeps the world fed.

These videos were taken in the Dutton area, right in the heart of Montana’s Golden Triangle.

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Equipment waits for the crew to arrive and work to begin.
The crew arrives and has a quick meeting to discuss the plan for the day.
Combine number four starts up and faces the field it will cut next.
The wheat is cut off about eight inches above the ground. The combine keeps the wheat seeds and sends everything else out the back.
These combines are high tech wonders.
The view from above shows how incredibly accurate the GPS is. Not an inch of the header is unused.
The combines don’t stop to unload- It’s beautiful to watch these skilled operators working. True professionals.
When the grain cart is full it unloads into the waiting trucks.
The trucks head to the Mountain View Co-op elevator, where the wheat is dumped into giant, one million bushel piles for storage.
The combines keep cutting.

Special thanks to the Schuler Team for inviting us out and sharing their day with us.

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