Recent events: Annual Stockholder’s Meeting on October 10th, 2023!

2023 Annual Stockholder’s Meeting

On October 10th, 2023, our stockholders met to talk about the past year and the future.

Dan schuler, president of the Mountain view co-op board

Dan took a few minutes to talk about our last fiscal year, the efforts of the board, and summarized some of our key results from the past five years, which includes paying out over $28 million dollars in cash back to our owners.

Leadership roundtable

The managers of our four divisions (agronomy, energy, grain, and retail) took the stage with Art Schmidt, our CEO, and spoke about their successes, challenges, and upcoming projects.

Board Members

It’s not easy to get a picture of our board members, but we got a few of them in this shot! From left to right: Tyler Starman, Mark Lacher, Trent Townsend, Todd Dahl, Del Styren, and our CHS Capital Relationship Manager, Dan Fox.

Cortney Wagner, CHS Board Member (left), joined our division managers Jake McFarlin, Dustin Jones, and Nate Fairbanks for the meeting.

Packed House

We had great attendance this year, and the stockholders were energized with great feedback for our team.

Our Board of Directors, 2023

Dan Schuler


Director At-Large

Tyler Starman


Director, District Four

Chouteau County

Seth Woodhouse


Director At-Large

Del Styren

Director, District One

Pondera County

Gary Gunderson

Director, District Three

Teton County

Mark Lacher

Director, District Two

Teton County

Trent Townsend

Director At-Large

Rollie Schlepp

Director At-Large

Todd Dahl

Director At-Large

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