The home of the Bulldogs
is now the home of
Mountain View Co-op, too.

Kelly’s Service Station is now a
Mountain View Co-op Location!

For the past 15 years Mountain View Co-op has been a partner with Kelly’s Service Station in Choteau. Recently, the owner of that business, Tim Kelly, decided to retire, and we entered into an agreement to purchase the business.

We want to thank Tim for his years of steadfast partnership, and for trusting us with his business as he enjoys his well-deserved retirement.

Mountain View was founded on the principle of providing great products and service to our patrons in Central Montana, and this acquisition will carry that same philosophy forward. It will be an honor to work with and support the Choteau community in this new, expanded role, and we can’t wait to get started.

A few things to see in Choteau.

Amazing natural scenery

Choteau is home to some of the clearest water and best hiking trails in the entire world. If you’re into outdoor activities, this is the place for you.

The Teton County Courthouse

This beautiful building was built in 1906, only 13 years after Teton County was formed. It is built out of locally quarried ashlar sandstone.

Caution: Dinosaur Crossing!

The Choteau area well known as one of the most dinosaur fossil rich areas in the world. In fact, paleontologists have discovered seventy-five different species of dinosaurs in Montana, more than any other state!

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