Patronage we’re paying back this year

What do co-ops do when they make money? They give it back to their patrons. This year we’re returning almost $5,000,000.

Equity we’re redeeming this year

Equity is the portion of patronage that is retained and used for operating the co-op, and this year we’re returning $2,000,000 of it to our patrons.

Money returned to our patrons over the last five years

The more business you do with the co-op, the more you get back. If you’re not a member yet, today’s a great day to start!

105 years in the business, and still leading the way.

Thanks to the efforts of generation after generation of farmers, ranchers, and local communities, Mountain View Co-op has become the largest locally-owned agricultural cooperative in the state of Montana.

Mountain View Co-op by the numbers

When we work together, it all adds up.

Years in business
Great Employees

Wait, did that say you’re giving almost $5,000,000 back to your customers this year?

Yes. Yes it did. When you become a member of the co-op,
you also become an owner, sharing in the profits.

Our Board of Directors

Back row, L to R: Brock Arthun, Taylor DeBruycker, Todd Dahl, Rollie Schlepp, Trent Townsend, Mark Lacher, Tyler Starman, Del Styren

Front row, L to R: Art Schmidt, CEO; Seth Woodhouse, Secretary/Treasurer; Dan Schuler, President; Gary Gunderson, Vice President

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

When you’re the largest agricultural cooperative in Montana, there’s always something going on.

We held our annual stockholder’s meeting on Tuesday, October 12th, at the Heritage Inn in Great Falls. It was well-attended and covered the co-op’s past, present, and future.
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