Fort Benton, MT 59442

The birthplace of Montana, home of the Longhorns, and where a very loyal dog became a legend.

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You won’t believe everything we do in Fort Benton.

We’re a great convenience store

Beer, wine, snacks, and everything else you would expect in a great convenience store.

We’re a great place for breakfast or lunch

Tasty burgers, chicken sandwiches, strips, and nuggets, plus something else cool- We can cook you a pizza in three and a half minutes.

Served by the slice or whole pizza, depending on how hungry you are!

We’re a well-stocked hardware store

Tools, plumbing, auto care, and much more!

A few other things at our store

Bulk fuel

Need your bulk fuel tank, or propane tank filled? No problem. Order it here.

Animal feed and pet food

We proudly serve Loyall brand pet food. Perfect for Shep’s town.

Farm supplies

Fencing, tools, gloves, custom hydraulic hoses, tire tanks and on and on.

Lots of room for trucks

Need to fill up a big machine? We’ve got a set of fuel pumps with lots of room ready for you.

Our Fort Benton Retail Team

These guys are ready to help.

J.C. Lindeman

Location Manager

John Jordan

Brian Taylor

Fort Benton Agronomy

Need a lot of something?

This is your spot. This location carries seed, fertilizer, chemical, and more, and in the quantities you need.

New fertilizer plant

This new facility is only a few years old, and is ready to get you what you want quickly.

Lots of inventory

We keep lots of product on hand at all times, because we know that waiting stinks.

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