Lincoln, MT 59639

Home to an 830 pound stuffed bear, Hi-Country Snack Foods, and Daryl.

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The Lincoln Convenience Store

Fuel pumps in the front, and easy access pumps for trucks and RVs in the back.

We know how challenging it can be to maneuver a big truck or RV into a tiny gas station, so we put super easy access pumps behind the building to make fueling as easy as possible. Just drive right around the building and get it done.

Tons of food choices.

Feeling a bit peckish? Our Lincoln store has all of the standard convenience store snacks plus a twist- CHOPZ! When you’re ready for a fresh salad, sub, or wrap stop in!

Wild Jack’s Casino

Take a break from the road and try your luck at Wild Jack’s Casino. Have a drink, relax in the cool air, and maybe win your fortune!

Thirsty? Like puns?
You’ve come to the right store.

Cold drinks in the cooler

Meet the world’s most reliable cooler, Cold Faithful.

Hot and tasty View Brew

There’s nothing better on a cool morning than a hot cup of delicious coffee. Get yours today!

Soft drinks at the fountain

The Rocky Mountains stretch around 3,000 miles from Canada to New Mexico. Our Rocky Fountain stretches about 10 feet from Dr. Pepper to Mountain Dew.

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