Enjoy the best varieties Croplan and Westbred
have to offer.

We’ve partnered with leading seed companies to provide the varieties that have been proven to work right here in Central Montana.

And if you want to try a variety that we don’t carry, we’ll do our best to find it. We’re here to get you the results you’re looking for.

The best seed requires the best equipment.

We’ve made a huge investment in massive upgrades to our seed cleaning abilities.
Here’s how we get the best possible results.

Step One: All New Debearder.

This machine is the first stop for your seed. It removes awns, hulls, beards, and improves the test weight and appearance of your seed.

Step Two: All New Screens.

Screens are the old standby when it comes to cleaning, and ours are brand new. They remove large objects, like stems, stones, and chaff, and they also take out the small objects such as dirt, shrunken or broken kernels, and small seeds.

Step Three: All New Indents.

Indents work by separating by length. Larger seeds like wild oats and smaller seeds, like buckwheat, can both be removed by our brand-new indents.

Step Four: All New Color Sorter.

This color sorter is amazing- It looks at each kernel of wheat, and if it doesn’t like the color, it kicks it out. It’s the perfect machine to remove heat-damaged, moldy, or ergoty wheat that other companies might let slip through.

Step Five: All New Bins

We’ve added new bins to our facility so we’ll have cleaned seed on hand, ready to be treated to your exact requirements. It’s all about efficiency.

We’re proud to introduce the latest weapon in your battle for higher yields:

Stryker Seed Treatment.

We have three levels of defense to fight your crop’s enemies.

A Powerful Fungicide

Level one is our powerful fungicide package that protects your crop against Pythium, Fusarium, Root Rot, Rhizoctonia, and much more.

Fungicide + Wireworm Suppression

Level Two takes our fungicide package and adds a wireworm suppressant. This is a great option to help maximize yields in fields without a previous wireworm history.

Fungicide + Wireworm Control

Do you have a field that wireworms have claimed? It’s time for The Eliminator. This is our fungicide plus a wireworm control package designed to take back your land.

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