Mountain View Co-op’s Accolade financing just might save you thousands and thousands of dollars.

Don’t put your crop protection chemicals on a high-interest operating loan!

Be smart with your money- Get a low 2.9% interest rate (with approved credit) on chemicals from Mountain View Co-op.

Four simple reasons to use Accolade financing.

Save money
on interest

Interest rates are pushing 10%, but an Accolade loan is only 2.9%.

Why pay higher interest  if you don’t have to?

keep open credit
on operating loan

You never know when an unexpected expense will need your attention.

Keeping unused credit is a nice safety net.

Rebate & patronage

Using Accolade financing means you’re in position to maximize your rebates and patronage opportunities.

Quick and easy

The application is a simple one page form that gets you up to a $600,000 credit limit.

Higher limits require traditional underwriting.

Program dates and deadlines


Mountain View begins accepting applications for Accolade financing

Application deadline to get the promotional rates


Standard promotional rate expiration date

Standard maturity date


The Fine Print

The minimum amount you can finance is $25,000.

There’s a $100 application fee, but that only applies if you’re approved. It’s simply added on to the loan amount.

Loans over $600,000 require traditional underwriting (not just the simple one page form).

Ready to sign up
or learn more?

Contact your local Mountain View Co-op sales agronomist to get started, or give us a call, or send an email, or fill out the contact form.

Heck, you can even send us a letter if you want!




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